Joey In PJs

A message from the authors:

As allergists, we are concerned about the rising incidence of food allergy and the increased risk factors for fatality among children with food allergies, namely: lack of self-injectable epinephrine on hand, having a peanut allergy, being a teenager, and having asthma. Nearly two-hundred people die a year due to food allergies and many of these fatalities are preventable.

Like many of our patients, our hero Joey Panda has multiple food allergies. As physicians, we are often privy to the anxiety both children and parents face when dealing with food allergies at school, at lunch, or at the playground. Most children grow up to be teenagers who, naturally, want to fit in with their peers. Some may not want to carry epinephrine because they don’t want to feel “different.” We want to instill in our patients, during their most formative years, the importance of carrying epinephrine at all times. Through Joey, we hope to convey to our young readers that they may enjoy a relatively normal lifestyle, as long as they are vigilant about their food allergies.

Our hope is that by educating children at a young age, we can empower them with the self-confidence and knowledge to always carry epinephrine and always ask about allergens in food, and perhaps prevent fatal outcomes from food allergy. We ultimately hope to instill in the child the confidence to carry a life-saving epinephrine injector at all times.

Amishi Murthy MD and Vivian Chou MD

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